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The most advanced WordPress development framework

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Standardized Definition and Access of Data

The WordPress Fluent Framework provides standardized definitions, and access to options and additional meta information for any data types.

The most advanced WordPress development framework.

WordPress Options Pages, Meta Boxes, Options Panels, User Meta Panels, Taxonomy Meta Panels, Import/Export, Nested Options, Repeatable Options, Post type creator, Taxonomy creator with a difference.

The Framework has been designed to be simple and feature rich. We know there are many options frameworks already available, but none were quite right for our needs.

With the Fluent Framework we had a few important goals, listed to the right.

We truly belive in DRY (Dont Repeat Yourself) Development, and we have implemented this methodology through the framework, taking all of the differences between different parts of WordPress and providing a front layer which is consistent.

We also have design each field type and the way they are utilized, so we create a field once, and use it across any instance. This provides great streamlined code, consistent design, and as a result all fields will work in any application*.

*The only exception to this rule in the Group Field when nested other group fields. It functions 100% across all instances, but we are still working out a few css issues when using on profile pages due to the size/layout of the nested items.

  • Code Optimized
    We wanted to make everything as bloat free as possible, while still maintaining WordPress PHP requirements.
  • Vanilla WordPress UI
    We wanted the framework to look at home within WordPress.
  • Works Across custom pages, post types, taxonomies, and user pages
    Currently we are unaware of any existing framework that provides this.
  • No changes in code or access to values based on implemtation
    Wether it be a post type, author meta, or taxonomy meta the values returned are always the same structure.
  • Nested, repeatable group fields
    We wanted any field to be nestable, and repeatable. This even works with groups themselves.
  • Role/Capability Locks on sections and fields
    Because not everyone should be able to access all options.
  • Conditional Fields
    Some options arent required if other options have certain values. With Fluent Framework you can add multiple if/and conditions to a fields display.

Amazing Feature Set

Advanced Field Types

Media Uploads, Galleries, Groups, Switches. If it doesnt have what you need there is always the custom field callback option.

Native Nested Group Options

Groups and nested fields are stored as nested arrays. Your data is saved how it is defined.

Role/Capability Locks

Sections or fields can be locked for certain users who do not meet the criteria for settings values.

Conditional Fields

Fields can be shown/hidden based on multiple if/or/and conditons. Simply defines the conditions and the rest will be done for you.


Import and Export any instance type (options pages, metaboxes, taxonomy meta, user meta). Added to the page as fields so placement is yours.


Defining and accessing options and fields is the same across all implemtations.

Post Type Creator

The post type creator class makes registering post types, flushing rewrite rules, custom save messages, adding template overrides a breeze.

Taxonomy Creator

The included taxonomy creator class is just like the post type creator, and just as advanced.

Cross Browser Compatible

Fluent Framework has been built with every user and browser in mind.

Support Class

The Support class allows you to create a support form anywhere in the admin and let users email you system information to aid resolutions.

Store Class

Included with the framework is a store class which allows you to store any data type for access at any point during execution.

Ace Editor Field

The framework includes a field type made using the Ace editor which allows you to provide advanced modes and themes.


Fields can be attached to any post types, any taxonomy, users, and custom pages.

Native UI Styling

Fluent Framework provide complimetary styling to the WordPress core, and doesn't shout about itself anywhere.

Developer Friendly

In additon to the great documentation the framework ships with a developer field detailing all info about the currently viewed instance.

Well Documented Code

Every file in the framework is documented and we activley maintain the Online Documentation.

Latest Technologies

Fluent Framework utilizes the latest technologies from css3 through to grunt automation of assets.

Ever Growing

The framework is still young, but already hugely advanced. It is growing every day.

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We provide support for the Fluent Framework round the clock.

We utilize the Github Issue system for this and all support requests should be directed to the
project issues page here: Fluent Framework Issues